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About Perfect Pallets

Perfect Pallets, Inc. was founded in 1992 in Indianapolis, Indiana , to professionally service printers, newspapers and advertisers with returnable plastic pallets. Over the last decade, Perfect Pallets, Inc. has developed 4P ( PerfectPallet Packaging Program) to benefit its customers both environmentally and economically. Today, Perfect Pallets, Inc. is the leader in providing plastic returnable pallets to commercial printers for the delivery of advertising inserts and various supplements to newspapers both large and small. As a national program, 4P provides service to printers and newspapers all across the United States from coast-to-coast.

4P operates as a never ending cycle. Empty pallets are first delivered to commercial printers across the country. These printers will manufacture printed material to be placed on these plastic pallets and the product is sent to thousands of newspapers via independent motor carriers. This year, 80 billion pre-prints will arrive in “PERFECT” condition at their destination. Newspapers identify Perfect Pallets that are delivered to their docks and retain them in a certain area ready for pickup. Perfect Pallets, Inc. will schedule thousands of newspapers to have their stored Perfect Pallets picked up at no charge. We do this by coordinating 70 licensed carriers to pickup and return used pallets to designated printers to be loaded again with more printed material.

Our goal at Perfect Pallets, Inc. is simple- extraordinary customer service to ensure your product is delivered in “PERFECT” condition.

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