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September 23, 2019, 02:08:57 PM

Author Topic: No cost cleanings and calibrations on all DENEX, QTMS and Baumer SCATEC Lasers  (Read 384 times)

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A service Plumtree performs for all users. The lasers need to come in for a check-up every now and again and as they age, at least once a year. We can extend their lifespan. We do this as we focus on count/product detection accuracy, it is all we do, going on 35 years now. Also, waste is one area we can always do a better job on but sensors must be sound. So, if you have a laser that needs a work-up, just email me on

or call, 912 507 9740

We line them up and knock them out on Thursdays, they are back quick and we pay return Ground shipping.

Best to all:

Julian Cooper
Plumtree Company
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