Quad Looks to Fill Hundreds of Jobs in Wisconsin to Address Back-to-School, Holiday Volume

Quad/Graphics Inc. is looking to fill 757 open positions—111 are professional jobs and 646 are production positions—in its network of plants and corporate offices in Wisconsin. About half of the jobs are part-time and the remaining are full-time positions, according to theMilwaukee Business Journal.

As part of the acquisition and integration of Brown Printing, two of the company’s printing plants, one in Woodstock, IL, and another in St. Cloud, MN, were closed, reported the Business Journal.

Claire Ho, director of communications at Quad/Graphics, said that the closures resulted in the loss of 880 jobs, but much of that work will be moving to Wisconsin.

“While we did close two plants and employees are being displaced, we are also offering work to some of those employees and looking to add staff to accommodate new work in Wisconsin,” Ho told the Journal. “We are also entering our busier time of year. We typically see increases in volumes as retailers and catalogers prepare for back-to-school and holiday events.”