Perfect Pallets Post Press

Member of the Month

Mailroom: Independence Examiner

Name: Casey Middleton

Location: Independence, MO

Position: Nightshift Manager

Phone Number: 816-350-6374

Email Address:


Q. How long have you been involved with post press? 

A. I accidentally fell into this position when I was laid off at an automotive shop. I was just trying to pay the bills, and the Examiner was looking for help. I quickly learned all the aspects in the mailroom and made supervisor position. I spent a couple years there before becoming Mailroom Manager.

Q. What do you like most and least about post press?

A. There is always something new, things are always changing, and it’s never the same old job week after week. It’s hard to get “bored” of this job. Some of the things we have to do at times to keep the customers happy can seem a little excessive. In a business that is continually declining, keeping customers is priority and at times we must go more than out of our way to keep everybody happy.

Q. What can be done to improve post press efficiency?

A. There are plenty of options out there. Getting the funds is the hardest part. It’s hard to write a 5 year ROI when nobody knows what the next 5 years holds.

Q. What is your funniest/most memorable post press story?

A. Throughout the years of trying to save expenses, we started logging and tracking many things from all different departments. One year my mailroom lead jokingly made a “signal sheet” for rubber bands and paper clips. He instructed everybody that they needed to sign out each paper clip and rubber band. Their jaws hit the floor. I still get a good laugh out of that.

Q. What are your plans on moving forward?

A. My plan is just to keep my nose to the grindstone and ride the newspaper business as long as the people keep reading, or as long as they keep wanting inserts.

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