Dayton Daily News to cut print days

“The Dayton Daily News and two other Ohio papers are going to three days a week from daily print to please regulators who have approved a $3.1 billion buy of Cox TV stations and papers by Apollo Global Management, the New York Post reported.

FCC rules don’t allow a TV or radio station to own a daily paper in the same market.

The duopoly rules have been essentially dormant recently, but a federal appeals court in Philadelphia turned to them this fall — creating a complication in private equity firm Apollo’s purchase of Cox Media Group, the Post reports.

The FCC approved the plan, the Post said.

The Journal-News in Hamilton and the Springfield News-Sun are also going to three days. “Cox must modify the publication schedule of the three daily newspapers in Ohio in accordance with the representations made in the October 2019 Amendment within 30 days of consummation,” the FCC wrote in okaying the merger.

Apollo plans to call the post-merger operation Cox Media Group.”

Source: News and Tech, 2019 



Three North Dakota papers close

“Three official county newspapers in North Dakota published their final issues Nov. 29, the papers reported.

The Adams County Record, in Hettinger; the Dunn County Herald, in Killdeer; and The Herald, in New England, have closed. Country Media, based in Salem, Oregon, owns the papers.

For months, the company had been looking for local residents who might have an interest in buying the papers, said Steve Hungerford, president of Country Media, but to no avail.

“Our hope is that Country Media will be followed by one or more local residents who’ll start a newspaper and thrive with the community’s backing.”

The company will begin refunding the papers’ prepaid subscriptions during December.”

Source: News and Tech, 2019 


Pew Research charts numbers on newspapers

“Pew Research has provided a glimpse of the state of newsroom employment in the U.S., providing nine charts in its Factank feature.

Among the facts: Newsroom employment in the U.S. fell by 25 percent over the past decade; layoffs hit mid-market newspapers the hardest in 2018; one-in-five newsroom employees live in New York, LA or Washington; newsroom employees are less demographically diverse than U.S. workers overall; and newsroom employees with a college degree make less than other college-educated workers.

On the mid-market layoffs, Pew says around a third of mid-market papers (36 percent) had layoffs, compared with 18 percent of lower-circulation papers (those with circulations between 50,000 and 99,999) and 29 percent of high-circulation papers (at least 250,000).

On diversity in the newsroom, Pew said newsroom employees are more likely to be white and male than U.S. workers overall. About three-quarters (76 percent) of newsroom employees are non-Hispanic white. That’s the case for 64 percent of U.S. workers in all occupations and industries combined.”

Source: News and Tech, 2019 

Daily Mail owner buys i newspaper

“DMGT, owner of the U.K.’s Daily Mail, has bought the i newspaper and website from JPI Media for £49.6 million cash consideration (around $63 million). The i has retail sales of approximately 170,000 papers each weekday and over 190,000 copies of the iweekend each Saturday.

The website,, attracts approximately 300,000 daily unique browsers.

In 2018, the i generated £11 million (around $14 million) in cash operating income and operating profit from £34 million revenue (around $43 million).

It’s anticipated that the acquisition will be reviewed by the UK Competition and Markets Authority.

“The acquisition of the i is both strategically and financially compelling for DMGT and there is scope for potential synergies in the future, notably from dmg media’s existing infrastructure and in advertising sales,” said Jonathan Harmsworth, Lord Rothermere, chairman of DMGT. “The business will benefit from DMGT’s long-term approach and commitment to investing in editorial content.”

The purchase displeased Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who tweeted that two billionaires (Harmsworth and Rupert Murdoch) now possess half the country’s top 10 dailies.”


Source: News and Tech, 2019