Agfa launches Arkitex Production workflow for newspaper publishers

Agfa Graphics’ prepress workflow solution for newspapers, Arkitex Production, offers numerous integrated functions for more effective management and automation efficiencies in newspaper production – from the publisher to the printer. Based on HTML-5, the technology “brings scalability, flexibility and quality to newspaper publishers of any size.”

agfaarkitex-in“The next generation of newspaper publishers needs the next generation of newspaper prepress software,” said Jeff Cord, Arkitex Marketing Manager, Agfa Graphics. “Arkitex Production gives publishers the ability to operate with greater economy and efficiency and easily meet ever-tightening deadlines. Printed newspapers are still viewed as reliable sources of news, information and advertising for many consumers around the world. Arkitex Production, the ultimate in workflow software for newspapers, helps publishers be competitive and better respond to readers’ needs in a print and digital world.”

Fully deployable at the publisher’s site or via Agfa’s cloud-based offering, Arkitex Production provides a single, integrated browser-based user interface that keeps all departments informed about all operations. The interface can be accessed from laptops, tablets and smartphones, or even touchscreens in pressroom environments, and provides easy access to critical features.

As a scalable solution, Arkitex Production “fits the needs of the smallest newspaper production site right up to the largest multi-site systems.” Smaller operations can choose basic modules, while larger groups can extend the solution through a range of advanced modules supporting more complex workflows. However, regardless of size, all production customers are able to add functionality via extenders.

The technology automatically processes pages and plates based on deadlines, allowing for complete control of both platemaking and the pressroom. It can even extend tracking through the punch/bender system right to the press and work with multiple editorial sites, enabling multiple publishers to remotely monitor and approve multiple stages of the workflow. The soft proofing and approval system lets users preview all pages and track all approvals.

Quality enhancements are available and provide increased cost efficiencies and quality. These include IntelliTune for image enhancement and optimization, Veripress for soft-proofing at the press console, OptiInk for maximum ink saving, Sublima screening for sharp images, and automated ink-key presetting. Arkitex Production’s interface also allows operators with minimal training to use it.