Star Tribune Selects manroland  for Upgrade

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has chosen an innovative strategy to deal with controls and electronic obsolescence issues on their current press equipment. Star Tribune’s success in building a regional print center – printing multiple daily and weekly newspapers – compounded the need to upgrade and make current the press controls on their Headliner Offset Press. In an effort to stabilize their press system for the foreseeable future, they needed a controls system which would allow their presses to be highly utilized and perform reliably, meeting their challenging production needs.

In the past year, the engineering teams at manroland web systems have developed a solution for print centers with press equipment of any brand to use the widely respected and extremely flexible controls system, PECOM-X. The controls retrofit of PECOM-X accesses the award-winning PECOM-X Control Desk through off-the-shelf electronic gateways, increasing capabilities to make job changeovers faster, reduce waste, and increase color and format flexibility.

Moreover, these upgrades are being done through a series of phases, eliminating the interruptions to production as well as reducing the impact on capital expenditures forStar Tribune. Each phase has been carefully designed so that Star Tribune’s printing needs and the needs of its print customers will continue to be met throughout the upgrade process.

As a part of the selection process, the team at Star Tribune were made familiar with the PECOM-X platform, and received detailed plans on how each phase of the upgrade was going to be launched. Star Tribune also contacted users that had recent experience with the PECOM-X platform, and using PECOM-X upgrade programs. manroland web systems’ reputation in the marketplace, and the testimonials of its customers were one of the determining factors.

“During the selection process with manroland web systems, we became confident that manroland has the knowledge of the complexities of our entire controls platform,” said Kevin Desmond, senior vice president of operations for Star Tribune. “The long-term goals and expertise of their team members created a technology partnership which fits our desire to continue to grow and develop our own production models.”

From the manroland web systems perspective, the controls upgrade at Star Tribunerepresent the results of the company’s continued focus to provide the industry with intelligent and practical solutions for existing pressroom equipment.

“This retrofit is engineered by a dedicated press manufacturer with active R&D, developing new products based on market requirements. Our new generic hardware-based platform provides Star Tribune all the required flexibility to act according to the fast changing demands of their readers and advertising clients, and our solutions even give the possibility to enter additional business fields at times of lower press utilization,” said Dieter Betzmeier, executive vice president technology and project execution, “The retrofit business is one of our main strategic targets, and we see ourselves as partners to our customers, to keep their equipment on a high performance level. But we are not only aiming to provide solutions to keep the installed press base current, but also to show possibilities to enhance performance and implement additional functionality for a wider equipment utilization.

Pittsburgh City Paper Sold to Eagle Media

Eagle Media, owner of the Butler Eagle daily newspaper and other media companies, has acquired the Pittsburgh City Paper from Steel City Media, Eagle Media President Vernon L. Wise III.

Dirks, Van Essen & Murray, a merger and acquisition firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, represented Steel City Media in the sale. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The City Paper is celebrating its 25th year as the leading source of Pittsburgh’s entertainment and cultural news.

Steel City Media, owned by the Frischling family, had sought a buyer that would be able to continue to serve the city in a similar manner through local, experienced ownership. Steel City Media has decided to focus its full attention on its radio properties and will remain active in the Pittsburgh market.

Wise also announced that Vance Smith, representing the fifth generation of the Wise family and the owners of Eagle Media, will be the publisher of the City Paper and will manage day-to day operations.  The City Paper will continue to be printed in Butler, as it has for the past 10 years.

Standard Horizon’s drupa Approach Will ‘Change the Focus’ to Finishing Equipment

Standard Finishing Systems will partner with Horizon International of Japan at the upcoming drupa event in Düsseldorf, Germany, May 31 – June 10 to demonstrate the most comprehensive display of finishing equipment at the fairgrounds. Under the theme “Change the Focus,” Horizon will unleash the hidden value of postpress. The goal is to help customers comprehend and plan finishing steps at the beginning of the print process, to enable end-to-end automation and production efficiency. Horizon’s 16,000-square-foot booth will be the largest in Hall 6 and the single largest exhibit dedicated to postpress at drupa. Twenty-four working systems — including the world premieres of a new perfect binder and folder — will be organized into various zones featuring perfect bind, stitch, fold and digital applications. Live presentations will also highlight four innovative Smart Finishing Solutions, each one capable of processing conventional and digitally printed output.

Horizon will unveil a highly versatile, hybrid Smart Binding System which will deliver finished books in one process.

As Horizon’s exclusive North American distributor, Standard will demonstrate to its customers a different way to think about finishing. “Postpress should be front-of-mind when conceiving an efficient production workflow, but it’s often an afterthought,” says David Reny, executive VP of Standard. “Customers who can zoom-up to see the complete life cycle of the printed product — from creation through finishing — will increase productivity and profitability in the long run. We’ll be showing intelligent in-line and near-line systems that offer flexibility and investment protection well into the future.”

Landa to unveil long-awaited presses at Drupa 2016

Landa has announced that it will unveil its anticipated lineup of offset quality Nanographic printing presses, including the Landa S10 sheetfed press for folding carton and POP at Drupa. The S10 is a 13,000 sheet-per-hour B1 press. Landa’s Nanographic printing presses were originally unveiled at Drupa 2012.

Also set to be on display, the Landa S10P perfecting press for commercial printing and the Landa W10 web press for flexible packaging and paperboard. Its newest technology, Nano-Metallography has a zero-waste metallization process, said to halve the cost of metalized printing. It’s operable with the full spectrum of conventional printing technologies, including: narrow-web flexo, offset and screen for the production of labels, sheetfed offset for folding carton and commercial printing, web-offset for publishing and wide-web flexo and gravure for flexible packaging.

“Fourteen years of nanotechnology research has enabled us to make tremendous breakthroughs in the quality, speed and cost of printing,” Benny Landa, chairman of the Landa Group, said. Landa Nanographic Printing Presses produce offset quality, and now at offset speeds and offset-competitive cost per print – on virtually any paper stock…we expect visitors to our stand at Drupa to be completely blown away by the amazing performance of these products – for which we will be taking orders at Drupa. Our presses will start shipping in early 2017.”

Landa will hold presentations five times a day for then entire duration of the exhibition. Attendees can make reservations here.