MIS Specialist Tharstern Will Launch at GRAPH EXPO 15 for U.S.

 Tharstern, the worldwide specialist in management information systems for print and packaging industries, has targeted GRAPH EXPO 15 at McCormick Place, Chicago, from Sept. 13-15 as the formal launchpad for its expansion into America.

Just over 12 months after a management buyout and completing its most successful year in business, Tharstern has announced plans to roll out comprehensive software solutions across the continent as part of its dedicated aim to helping the printing and packaging industries prosper.

During GRAPH EXPO 15 in Tharstern’s booth 158, Managing Director Keith McMurtrie and Global Sales Director Lee Ward will be hosting prospective customers, as well as introducing new U.S.-based staff for the new company, Tharstern Inc.

They will be explaining to customers and other show visitors how Tharstern’s software helps businesses worldwide manage sales, production, procurement and fulfillment efficiently by providing a ‘joined up’ workflow including JDF integrations to other vendors’ workflow solutions.

Tharstern, the pioneering specialist software house formed more than 30 years ago, is trusted by over 600 U.K. print businesses and more than 50 in Australasia. It has a total of 7,000 users of its MIS and workflow solutions.

Tharstern’s technology covers intelligent estimating, a leading print-based CRM solution and comprehensive integrations to storefront, customer purchasing, account, prepress, press and post-press systems and solutions.

“We are proud to work with all the major manufacturers,” stated Lee Ward, Tharstern’s global sales director. “One of the many factors behind our decision to launch into America was the extremely positive response to our participation in the DScoopX 10th annual conference in Washington in March.”

He added, “At GRAPH EXPO we will be proudly showing how the ease of integrating our pioneering MIS into other workflows such as those, for example, used by other market-leaders that include Heidelberg and  HP – both using us as a preferred partner for MIS – manroland, Komori, Xerox, Esko, Enfocus Switch, Kodak, Agfa and Fuji. Our systems help clients grow their market share and increase revenues.”

manroland web, Ultimate TechnoGraphics Collaborate on Imposition Solution

Within the past 18 months, manroland web systems has succeeded in establishing its own software solutions for digital printing. MasterQ and WorkflowBridge, which fully automatically control digital finishing aggregates and manage jobs, are applied by printing companies around the world. Hildegard Heckl, product manager digital and head of team “Digital” at manroland web systems is sure that “the new imposition software ‘Imposer’ is just as intelligent and promises to be equally successful.” It combines the specific expertise of its developers—manroland web systems supplied the core intelligence that describes the imposition logics based on the extensive capability of its devices and Ultimate TechnoGraphics executes the processing of the printing data. The software supplies job-specific imposed data that is perfectly prepared for digital and offset printing. Whether for printing books, advertising or newspapers—the Imposer is ideally suited for frequent job and product changeovers. This is where it can fully utilize its flexibility.

Imposer distinctly different
Andreas Elchlepp, product management software development digital and workflow solutions at manroland web systems, explained the difference between Imposer and standard imposition solutions, “The software features a specific logic. It recognizes and uses the production aggregates, the optimized production processes, and the job structure.” The method (patent pending) allows imposition that is specifically matched to the printing jobs. For the first time, an imposition-software complies with the requirements of digital printing, as well as offset and hybrid printing. This is ideal for today’s printshops that vary their printing methods according to the job. Reprinting short or individual runs via print-on-demand is customary. The upgrade of print workshops with digital production lines to create mixed production facilities is a major investment area.

“It was time for the development of a software which imposes the jobs for hybrid printing and that breaches the gap in data preparation,” explained Andreas Elchlepp of manroland web systems. “Our solution is modular and perfectly matches existing customer requirements, while being scalable and dynamic for the largest variety of production setting.”

His business partner from the Canadian software development firm Ultimate TechnoGraphics, Joanne David, president and CEO, considers the new product Imposer to be a welcome step forward: “We want to support our customers, which so far mainly consisted of digital printing press users and all main manufacturers of digital printing presses. It is great to know that from now on offset printers will also benefit from our imposition expertise.

Manor invests in H-UV Komori Lithrone G40

Managing director Paul Denne and sales director Paul Rolls with the Komori Lithrone G40 The firm in Eastbourne, East Sussex, paid around £1m for the B1 press, which is equipped with a coater. Managing director Paul Denne said the firm looked at a number of machines, but the G40 won on price and productivity. It replaced another B1 Lithrone, a 12-year-old, five-colour S40, and the new press runs alongside a B2 six-colour Lithrone NL628 and a Xerox iGen 150 digital press. Denne said he hoped the new press would push the company into plastics such as bottle wraps and packaging.

His 40-year-old business has 43 staff and turns over £4m annually, which he’s aiming to bump up to £6m within two years. Clients include design agencies and blue-chip household names covering manufacturing, national high-street chains and well-known associations.
“The need to speed up production was a key factor in our decision to invest in the Komori H-UV curing system,” he explained.
“In particular, we needed to minimise the typical drying issues associated with printing on uncoated materials, the use of which continues to increase.”
“We do a fair amount of uncoated work but were losing more because we could not dry fast enough. On a traditional press with heavy coverage we sometimes had to wait a week to fold.
“We’d also have to regularly clean the rollers on the folder. But with with the H-UV drier we can run 100,000 items through the rollers and there’s not a mark on them.”

Clients include publishers and Denne added the high gloss levels now achievable inline on covers with the H-UV process could eliminate the need for publishers to specify additional lamination.
“This translates into faster turnarounds for us and potential cost savings for our customers. On the previous Lithrone S540 we’d expect to put around 6,000 sheets an hour on the floor.
“With new Komori’s faster makeready systems and running speeds, that’ll step up to over 10,000. And the immediate drying benefits of H-UV curing means we can move jobs to finishing faster.”

Denne said the solar panels generated 250kW hours a day, enough to power all the presses and production office and still send some back to the National Grid. “The solar panels strengthen our commitment to be a green printer and our ISO 14001 accreditation supports our credentials.” As part of the deal, the panels’ supplier paid to have leaks in the roof repaired and insured the roof for ongoing repairs for 20 years. A re-roofing job would have cost Denne £70,000. Sales director Paul Rolls said: “We have already shown our major clients including a number of design agencies samples of previous jobs printed on our new H-UV press for comparison.

“They’re really excited about both the superior appearance particularly on uncoated papers as well as the additional high-gloss and drip-off options we can now provide.
“Additionally, we already print some lighter weight packaging and, as the H-UV Lithrone will easily handle the heavier carton stock weights, we see potential to expand this side of the business.” Rolls added: “For us, the wow-factor with the H-UV curing system was initially delivered on Komori’s demonstrations at Ipex 2014.”