Indianapolis Star to replace Roll Handling System by Harland Simon

Harland Simon has been contract to replace the their Jarvis Web Roll Handling system, which allows for the maintenance of an inventory of newspaper rolls within the warehouse, storage bins and roll preparation areas. The system upgrade ensures rolls can be delivered to the reel pans in a timely manner.

Harland Simon will replace the application software servers with their own roll handling system. They will off-the-shelf hardware instead of proprietary parts for the upgrade to ensure that support and replacement components will be readily available locally and at competitive prices.

To help the publication to spread the costs of the project over a number of financial cycles, the new roll handling system will be integrated with the current induction and roll preparation stations. Allowing for a staged upgrade, the current roll retriever robots will be retained initially while the most critical system parts will be replaced early on to safeguard against components failure. The new system will maintain interfaces with the manroland Pecom press controls and splicer system as well as Abitrol for stock and billing control. Harland Simon will replace Burr-Brown HMIs by ruggedized hand-held windows tablet devices to give The Star’s roll handlers the flexibility to control the system from any location. Removing the reliance on the old fixed position HMIs also gives the publication flexibility for future expansion.

Freeport Press purchases LITHOMAN for new facility

Freeport Press (Ohio) purchased a LITHOMAN 4-unit offset printing press by manroland web systems. The press will be placed the Press’ new 250,000 additional square foot facility, located in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

“Our trip to the manroland web systems factory was truly impressive in understanding the extremely high standards they maintain in production of these presses. We also spent time with the owners of several printing facilities utilizing LITHOMAN presses, and they left us thoroughly convinced that our choice of the LITHOMAN would take us to an even higher level of productivity,”