Ringing of NYSE Bell Signifies A ‘New Beginning’ for Kodak

Following Kodak’s emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization on Sept. 3, Kodak common shares actually began trading on the NYSE Nov. 1 under the new “KODK” symbol. The new, smaller Kodak is focusing on digital printing technology for graphic arts industry customers, touch-screen sensor components for smartphones and computer tablets, and film for the movie industry.

“This bell ringing is a symbol of Kodak’s remarkable transformation,” said Perez. “It’s a new year, with a new company, a new stock and a new start.”

Printing industry leaders, including senior executives from Japs-Olson, Mercury Print Productions, the Wilen Group, Continental Web Press, King Printing, Tribune Direct, Taylor Corp., DG3 and Fenske Media, among several others, arrived the day before—despite the frigid temperatures—for a celebratory dinner at the NYSE. They also stood on the NYSE trading floor the following morning to witness, first-hand, the traditional opening bell ringing and to watch traders at work.

Following the bell ringing ceremony, Kodak organized an industry panel discussion moderated by Perez, which featured Frank Romano, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) professor emeritus; Marco Boer, vice president of I.T. Strategies, and conference program chair for the upcoming Inkjet Summit; and Terry Taber, chief technical officer and senior vice president at Kodak.

As Perez and Taber pointed out, the “new Kodak” is a global technology company offering solutions and professional services for the packaging, graphic communications and functional printing markets. It intends to leverage technical expertise to drive industry change, with new applications and a broad product portfolio.

Some of the key Kodak products for the graphic arts industry, which they contend will allow them to do this, include:

  • Kodak Prosper digital printing presses and imprinting systems, based on the company’s Stream continuous commercial inkjet technology;
  • Kodak Flexcel packaging solutions, driven by Kodak SquareSpot laser imaging technology, which is also a “breakthrough” technology for functional printing solutions that will be delivered to the market starting in 2014; and
  • Kodak Sonora XP process-free plates that enable printers to take plates straight to press without any chemistry or processing, and without sacrificing quality or productivity.