New KBA Rapida 106 Press with HR-UV at Open House

Bbopi, one of the Midwest’s most respected providers of print, mail and e-commerce solutions, held an exciting open house at its Bloomington, IL, facility in February 2015 to “cut the ribbon” on its new KBA Rapida 106 press, the first in North America with HR-UV. The turnout and spirit of the event was phenomenal; well over 200 guests attended the open house throughout the day.

“Our message is clear,” stated Tom Mercier, president and CEO of bopi. “This big investment in our KBA 18,000 sph Rapida press—the first of its kind in North America—makes a statement. It proclaims that we have been around a long time and we intend to be around here much longer. We are financially strong and growing. We care about print and we care about our customers.  Print is an important part of the market place. Print is here and has a rightful place in today’s market.”

Steve Korn, director of national and key accounts for KBA North America, noted: “What an absolutely-amazing well-organized event. With over 200 customers and distinguished guests in attendance, the largest sheetfed investment to take place in downstate Illinois in over five years has garnished the important exposure it well deserves. This investment would not have been possible without bopi’s Tom and Jeff Mercier’s market-oriented customer-centric approach which is why bopi enjoys so many satisfied customers and is growing at a high pace.”

The dramatic unveiling of the new Rapida press came when a white curtain covering the entire press was raised as background music heightened the anticipation of the crowd. When the curtain dropped to display the new press, the Rapida came alive in in front of everyone. A bopi operator pressed the button and the press was up and running at maximum speed of 18,000 sheets/hr. within seconds. While the press was operating, Tom Mercier and Chris Travis, director of technology at KBA North America, presented its many unique technical features.

bopi ‘s new KBA Rapida 106 includes such unique automated features as the KBA ErgoTronic color control system, KBA QualiTronic (in-line color control for two-sided printing in one pass), and KBA LogoTronic management system. Its KBA purpose-built HR-UV system immediately dries both sides of the sheets allowing a job to move to its next operation, such as folding or diecutting. “The HR-UV drying feature benefits our customers by providing us with a significant increase in production efficiency,” relayed Mercier. “These automated features will exponentially increase our services. Our quality level will be incredible. All of our sheets will look the same. When we print signature work, the KBA in-line quality control systems will ensure that all of our pages are consistent.”

bopi used the open house to market and demonstrate the strength of print. Matt Hamilton, project manager/integrated marketing specialist, described the effective marketing campaign intertwining print and the internet that the firm initiated to invite attendees to the open house. First, three eye-catching direct mail pieces were designed and sent to prospective attendees one week apart. Between the first and the second direct mail piece, an e-mail campaign went out. Next, a personalized landing page was created with the A link to the landing page was included in the e-mail campaign allowing attendees to learn more about the open house as well as RSVP. The third channel they used was word-of-mouth.

Through the multi-layer process, bopi learned how many people were planning to come to the event and how many people couldn’t make it but were interested in an individual tour with their sales managers. This information allowed bopi to better prepare for the open house; for example, with a concrete number, they were able to set up enough seats for everyone and know how much food and drink to order. The event ran smoothly and needless to say the marketing campaign was successful. “The best business relationship is an informed one,” emphasized Jeff Fritzen, executive vice president for bopi; as he closed his presentation he inquired to the packed open house audience, “Do you see any of these solutions working for your own company?” A resounding yes and applause followed.

To punctuate the importance of print and bopi’s strength in the industry, the State of Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti gave a speech to support bopi and commended its investment in business, the community, and the state of Illinois. Other prominent attendees were Illinois State Senator Bill Brady and the McLean County Chamber of Commerce.

“Our new KBA Rapida 106 is an incredible engine of firepower for our facility,” concluded Mercier. “It is definitely the press of the future and will enhance our capabilities tremendously.”

Doveton Press invests in Duplo iSaddle System stitcher

Doveton Press is set to save £60,000 a year on outsourcing after buying a Duplo iSaddle System stitcher as part of a wider investment that has topped more than £1m over the past 12 months.


The Duplo iSaddle System stitcher will save Doveton £60,000 a year in outsourcing costs
The stitcher offers fully automatic set-up and produces items such as luxury sales brochures, catalogues and instruction manuals.
It cost £130,000 and replaced a Duplo 5000 machine. Managing director Gavin Savage said: “The iSaddle gives us more control of work we no longer need to send out, saving us £5,000 a month.

“This includes A4 landscape litho work from eight to 40 pages in runs of between 100 to 500. It’s a one-man operation machine, it is perfect for what we do and the quality is very, very good.
“We didn’t really look at other kit. We’ve been with Duplo for 10 years for stitching and creasing kit and have always found their service very good.

“We focus heavily on short-run digital or litho work, but we also do long-run magazine jobs. Previously we’ve farmed that work out but this new machine is more than capable of handling it.”

The iSaddle offers quick job changeover for less downtime, according to Duplo. Maximum sheet size is 356x508mm with a minimum of 105x210mm or 174x254mm for landscape format.

Doveton Press, a 32-staff company founded in 1969, turns over £3m from its base in Bristol. It runs two B3 Heidelberg Anicolor machines, four- and five-colour models, and a B2 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74.

Savage said the latter was due to be replaced with a Heidelberg XL in about eight weeks to make the company’s B2 firepower more productive. The factory is also being extended.

Doveton Press has spent £1.3m in the past 12 months on expansion and is also looking at replacing two Ricoh Pro C901 machines with newer models offering more colours including white ink.