RR Donnelley to Showcase Its Portfolio of Product Solutions at Printed Electronics USA 2015

RR Donnelley & Sons Co. (Nasdaq: RRD) will showcase its printed electronics products and solutions at Printed Electronics USA 2015, the largest conference and exhibition focused on the commercialization of printed, organic and flexible electronics. The conference event will be held Nov. 18 and 19, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.

RR Donnelley will highlight its innovative and proprietary printed electronicsplatform that includes products manufactured using thin flexible printed circuits, RFID and more. These new and expanding unique capabilities make possible thin, functional products in a variety of formats, from labels to shelf danglers to signage and packaging, all customizable to specific application needs. RR Donnelley’s printed electronics platform combines the flexibility of customized print with functional product design.

“Our portfolio of printed electronics products provide customers deep insights into business operations, improved supply chain management, and enhanced communication effectiveness,” said Brad Hull, vice president of printed electronics for RR Donnelley. “From custom-engineered solutions for healthcare chain of custody, enhanced consumer engagement, and inventory management to CustomWave RFID labels for pharmaceuticals, we look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate products and solutions that can inform, engage and inspire.”

Dan Knotts, RR Donnelley’s chief operating officer, stated, “It’s been our practice to listen carefully to our customers as they describe their communications challenges, and create new products and services that are responsive to their needs.” He continued, “By providing customized design and multichannel integration, our printed electronics offering increases the impact of print, helping organizations to better connect with their customers, manage inventories and increase their productivity.”

The Printed Electronics USA 2015 conference will feature more than 200 exhibitors and is expected to attract more than 3,000 attendees from 42 countries. Visit Booth #107 to learn more about RR Donnelley’s offerings.

Japs-Olson adds 10 New Inserting Systems, 5 Inkjets

MCS Inc. announced that Japs-Olson has finished installation of 10 Pitney Bowes MailStream Directs and five MCS Eagle AMS Inkjets sold by MCS Inc. Japs-Olson is a longtime customer of both Pitney Bowes and MCS, with over 40 Pitney Bowes FlowMasters and 30 MCS Perfect Match Systems.

Japs-Olson is located outside of Minneapolis and is a full-service large print and mail production company. Offering both traditional and in-line mail processing, no job is too big for Japs-Olson. Japs-Olson has invested in new press and inkjet technology during the last couple of years with investments in new Goss presses and Kodak Prosper inkjets in-line with the press.

When a company has been around for over a hundred years, it is doing something right. Japs-Olson has a history of being on the leading edge of technology when it comes to processing mail. “If there is a technology that can improve efficiency and the integrity of inserting mail, while living up to the challenges of advertising mail, I want it at Japs-Olson,” said Michael Murphy. “We look for partners that understand the demands of our industry, and can work within those expectations. MCS has proven to be a partner we can rely on.”

The MailStream Direct with the MCS Eagle AMS offers:

  • cycling speed of 22,000 pieces/hr.,
  • bulk insert feeder,
  • front loading envelope hopper,
  • vertical conveyor with automated sorting,
  • industry leading double detection,
  • read and print at 22,000 pieces/hr.

The addition of the 10 MailStream Directs with the existing 40 FlowMasters ensures Japs-Olson’s ability to offer the most efficient and flexible inserting services in the industry.