Goss announces Omnicolor II upgrade

Goss launched an upgrade for the M-600 press to support color control and eliminate potential obsolescence issues. Omnicolor II press controls include start-up waste lowered by anything from 20 to 50 percent as well as reductions in turnaround time.

The new features of the Omnicolor II upgrade include the ability to automate press setting direct from CIP3 data, resulting in less waiting time and eliminating error potential. Also included are the latest generation hardware components of the Goss Amnion controls system, capable of controlling production on large commercial press systems. Omnicolor II also took measures in preventative obsolescence, hard disk reliability and wide-ranging connectivity. Users can now operate via a large touchscreen display and HMI software.

To help customers evaluate the potential gains from an Omnicolor II upgrade, Goss is using an ROI calculator to provide individualized expected savings.

“Customers can see the potential pay-off, whatever their current production model may be,” said Rutger Jansen, head of customer service, Goss International Europe. “Together, we plot in their average number of jobs and current makeready figures against the investment cost and the new figures they can reliably expect. I can’t claim that the calculation methodology is groundbreaking, but it certainly helps convince our customers that the Omnicolor II upgrade is.”

Following a one-day press audit, Goss engineers require full press access for between two and four days to install the low-investment upgrade on existing M-600 systems.