Direct Marketing Agency Victory-360 Acquires Certain Assets of Valley Printworks in Middletown, MD

Victory-360 LLC, a leading direct marketing agency, announced that it has acquired certain assets of Middletown, MD-based Valley Printworks.Valley Print Works is a well-recognized name in the non-profit fundraising management space, and has been a production affiliate of Victory-360 for many years. The relationship has been instrumental to their combined success. Valley Printwork’s expertise in donor data management, design and copy writing, and oversight of caging operations will boost Victory-360 capabilities significantly. The expanded relationship is expected to offer additional synergies and services to Valley Printworks and Victory-360’s collective client base.

In 2012, Michael DeMos formed Victory-360, a marketing strategy and execution firm, which helps clients, agencies and production providers with strategic road maps to achieve their marketing objectives. The company’s core mission is to bring clarity to the strategy, the plan, and the options for execution to achieve superior results. “We don’t just give you a plan and leave. We stay with you in the trenches, and follow through to insure a smooth execution, which is where most plans can go awry,” asserted DeMos. “People call us when their project has a lot of moving parts and the stakes are high,” he explained.

Valley Printworks President Laura Hasslinger, commented: “I’ve done a fair amount of business with Michael over the past decade, and what really stands out is his ability to merge multiple marketing platforms—print, mail, e-mail, purls and online while providing dashboard style reporting in real time to his clients. He brings this broad knowledge and expertise to our client base,” she noted.

Manroland Sheetfed Owner Langley Holdings to Acquire German Print Chemicals Group

DruckChemie, the German print chemicals group that went into administration in September, is to be acquired by Langley Holdings, the U.K. industrial group.Contracts were signed on Nov. 7, 2014, and the deal is awaiting cartel clearance, which is expected imminently.

DruckChemie has annual revenues of circa €75 million and around 300 employees and is Europe’s leading print chemicals producer, with locations throughout Europe. The company also has operations in Brazil.

Langley has made numerous acquisitions of under-performing businesses over the last two decades, evolving into a near billion euros revenue group employing over 4,000 people in over 70 countries.

The group is entirely debt free and prides itself on having never sold any company it has acquired.

Langley entered the print sector in January 2012 with the acquisition of Manroland Sheetfed, the German press builder.

A spokesman for Langley announced, “We are delighted to have reached agreement to acquire DruckChemie. The company compliments our Manroland press business and further demonstrates our commitment to the sector.”

Walsworth Buying, Relocating Equipment from Defunct Panama City, FL-Based Boyd Brothers Printing

Walsworth announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire significant manufacturing assets from Boyd Brothers Printing of Panama City, FL.

The acquisition of these assets was made possible when Boyd Brothers President and Owner Jim Boyd Jr. announced to his employees the commercial printing company is closing.

“The strength of our business has always been the professionalism of our employees and the loyalty of our customers,” said Boyd. “Unfortunately, due to the changing dynamics of the industry and lack of access to capital, Boyd is forced to close its doors.”

Boyd Brothers Printing is working with Walsworth in winding down its operations in an orderly manner to mitigate impacts on employees, customers and vendors.

Walsworth is expected to relocate several presses, bindery equipment and other ancillary items to its production facilities in Missouri and Michigan.

“This equipment will enhance our competitiveness and give us additional capacity for our Commercial and Yearbook divisions,” said Don Walsworth, president of Walsworth.

The relocation of the manufacturing equipment is expected to occur during the first quarter of 2015

Fujifilm’s Updated XMF Workflow, XMF Remote Systems Are First to Feature Adobe Mercury RIP

Fujifilm North America, Graphic Systems Division announces the release of Fujifilm XMF Workflow v6.1 and the Web portal system XMF Remote v10.1.

As a result of the shift toward shorter runs, product diversification and quick turnarounds, printing companies are under pressure not only to process a greater number of jobs more efficiently, but also to process an increasing number of jobs that require a high level of RIP processing, including projects that use various types of graphic processing to create a finished product with various visual effects and projects that require variable printing as part of one-to-one marketing. A further important issue is the need to improve the level of service provided through smooth communications between departments within the company, and also with parties outside the company, such as their clients.

XMF Workflow v6.1
To address these issues, XMF Workflow v6.1 not only includes the Adobe PDF Print Engine 3 (APPE3), it’s also the first workflow system in the world to incorporate Mercury RIP Architecture, a technology for high speed operation developed by Adobe. As a result, XMF Workflow v6.1 achieves dramatic improvements in file processing times. In addition, XMF Remote v10.1 is designed for utilization in a wide range of environments through various improvements, including complete compatibility with HTML 5.

The most significant characteristic of the Mercury RIP Architecture incorporated in XMF Workflow v6.1 is load balancing by processing each page of a single job simultaneously during rendering, resulting in higher processing speeds to maximize the utilization of system resources.

This results in significant productivity improvements when outputting pages to a digital press or when producing variable output. XMF Workflow v6 can also harness the Mercury RIP Architecture to allow ‘parallel processing of multiple jobs’ and achieve a processing capability approximately 10 times greater than previous systems; although the exact ratio depends on the operating environment. In addition, it is also possible to assign different orders of priority to different processes and actively adjust the resource allocation for each respective process. For example, the resource allocation can be adjusted in accordance with orders of priority that have been established in advance, such as assigning first priority to remote proofing and preview displays viewed by clients via XMF Remote.

Efficiently processing multiple jobs allows printing companies to facilitate a more effective utilization of various output devices. Even in the event that the output to a platesetter, proofer or digital printer overlaps, the system can reduce processing standby time to a minimum, ensuring that each output device is put to efficient use. Furthermore, as a single XMF unit is capable of executing the volume of RIP processing equivalent to five platesetters (for example, the Javelin 8900, up to 60 plates per hour) and not only can the number of RIP devices for each output device be greatly reduced, resulting in easier management and lower costs, but the results of the operation executed by different output devices will always be consistent, resulting in a highly reliable workflow.

Another advance achieved by XMF Workflow v6.1 is that the latest virtualization technology is harnessed to greatly increase redundancy. No matter how fast their processing speed or how superior their functionality, workflow systems cannot be an effective asset unless their speed and capability is stable and available at all times. If for example, XMF Workflow v6.1 and XMF Remote v10.1 are both in use together on two computers and one computer develops a hardware issue, it is possible to use the functioning computer to carry on the job seamlessly from the state existing immediately prior to the occurrence of the problem. This complete backup system provides safe and secure support for nonstop operations.