LSC Communications Acquires Publishers Press

Presstek selling some assets

Presstek, a provider of eco‐friendly printing solutions, will sell certain assets related to its CTP portfolio of wet offset thermal and violet plate products, Nytro, GemPlate, GemPlate HC, NuVio and HSUV, to Southern Lithoplate.

Presstek, headquartered in New Hampshire, will continue to deliver on its core product portfolio, which includes DI digital offset presses, Anthem Elite and Dimension Thermal CTP, JT‐Inkjet CTP, Zahara waterless plates, associated consumables, and global service support for pre‐press, press, and post‐press equipment, according to a press release from the company.
North Carolina-based Southern Lithoplate specializes in the manufacture, distribution, and service of lithoplates and associated products for targeted print markets.

In addition to further positioning Southern Lithoplate as the premier and trusted prepress hardware and consumables supplier for the North American print market, this will expand our growing commitment to our international markets.

Cox Media praise teams hurricane efforts

Executives at Cox Media, with properties in eight Texas and Florida markets including Houston, Miami, and Tampa, praised the work of their teams during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

“After ensuring that our teams and their families were all safe, our mission was to serve our communities by relaying vital, lifesaving information to our viewers, listeners and readers,” said CMG President Kim Guthrie in a press release.

“The preparedness of our engineers and operations leaders paid off — with generator power, fuel, personnel and even MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) for our small but mighty teams who went without sleep, worked onsite and in the field to continue to report the news and weather.”

Guthrie added that its security team conducts tabletop exercises so that its media brands can be prepared for disasters and not lose the ability to broadcast or publish the news.

“I am especially proud of our two converged markets in Orlando and Jacksonville, where we have TV and radio properties,” said CMG Executive VP Bill Hendrich.

“Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with everyone impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma,”

Expo moves back to Chicago

Graph Expo will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago for the next three years, the Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies (NPES) has announced. The events will take place September 30–October 3 in 2018, October 13–16 in 2019, and October 4–7 in 2020.

The tradeshow was held in Orlando in 2016. The show is a comprehensive exhibition of inkjet, digital, offset, flexo, gravure and hybrid technologies, products and services for the printing and imaging industry.

“Empowering the success of businesses in the printing and visual communications industry is our promise,” said Thayer Long, NPES president.

Flint Group Updates

Flint Group has been in continual conversation with affected suppliers and provides an update on the state of the printing industry in areas hit by Harvey and Irma. Flint Group says Gulf-area and Southeastern U.S. suppliers are in a variety of recovery stages.

More from the update: “Some are still assessing the damage and impact to their businesses. Others have begun to restart operations but at reduced capacity, causing a supply and demand imbalance. Many have made public announcements about continued forces majeures and supply allocations. Some transportation companies are imposing fuel surcharges due to very limited availability of carriers.

Flint Group leaders note that many affected by the storms will face a lot of hardship going forward. “We can’t forget that many people—within and beyond the petrochemical and printing industries—continue to face difficult conditions,” says Diane Parisi, a regional vice president for Flint.

Trib Total Media to buy MSA Sports Network

Trib Total Media of Pennsylvania announced Sept. 18 that terms have been reached with Management Science Associates (MSA) to purchase MSA Sports Network. The sale is expected to close in early October.

The network will be renamed the TribLIVE High School Sports Network. The network will continue to broadcast more than 2,000 live sporting events each year.
The MSA Sports Network was launched in 1998 as the Nauticom Sports Network and was acquired and rebranded by Management Science Associates in 2001.

Kodak announces plate price increase

Kodak has announced a global price increase for its offset printing plates of up to 9%. Kodak said it had “no room” but to increase plate prices. A statement said that over the past 12 months the company had absorbed significant increases in costs for the raw materials that are used to produce its plates, including aluminium, chemicals and packaging materials. It said it continued to improve productivity and efficiencies but the magnitude of the raw materials cost increases had made it necessary to increase prices, which were increased in China on 1 January 2017.

In its Q2 results published last month, Kodak reported an increase in Sonora plate volumes alongside declining like-for-like revenues.

Kodak Print Systems Division president Brad Kruchten said the company had been left with “no room” to continue to absorb escalating raw material costs without raising its prices. He said Kodak’s approach to the price implementation would lead to more technically advanced products being affected the least, while Kodak’s “more mature offerings” will see higher price increases.

“This, in turn, will help drive long-term viability, profitability and sustainability for our printers and our industry partners,” he said.

Kodak said details of the new pricing structure would be communicated to customers and dealers across the world shortly. It is not the first major manufacturer to signal a plate price rise, after Fujifilm increased prices by 10% earlier this month.