Sun-Times, Tribune re-up agreement

“Sun-Times Media and Tribune Publishing have a deal on the printing and distribution of the Chicago Sun-Times, the paper reported.

The Sun-Times’ contract with Tribune Publishing had been set to expire at the end of 2019. The Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune are printed at the Freedom Center plant at 777 W. Chicago Ave. in Chicago. Tribune Publishing leases the space and runs the plant.

Terms of the agreement were not made public.

Reports in 2017 claimed the contract cost the Sun-Times some $25 million annually. Sources close to the Sun-Times said the new deal is more economical, the paper reported.

“We’ve succeeded in restructuring and extending our agreement with Tribune Publishing to print and deliver the Sun-Times,” said an email to Sun-Times Media staff from Interim CEO Nykia Wright. “While we still have much work to do, the new contract represents a positive step forward in improving the financial health of our business.

“As part of this, there will be some adjustments to our deadlines and production process that we hope will grow our readership and keep us serving our city and region for years to come,’’ the email read.”

Source: News and Tech, 2019

Daily Gazette buys Recorder, other papers

“The Daily Gazette (Schenectady, New York) has bought The Recorder, Courier-Standard-Enterprise and Fulton County Express papers from McClary Media, the Gazette reported.

The papers will continue to publish and stay located in Amsterdam, but not in the spot off Route 5S where The Recorder has been based for many years, according to Gazette Publisher John DeAugustine, the paper said.

The Recorder publishes six days weekly, while the other papers are weeklies.

The deal was finalized on Dec. 9.

McClary said he’ll go on publishing the papers that McClary Media is keeping, the Hamilton County Express and Adirondack Express, according to the Gazette.”

Source: News and Tech,2019 

Statesman ceases publication

“The Statesman (Chandler, Texas) announced that it would stop publishing with its Dec. 12 issue.

The paper citeda decline in ad revenue and subscriptions in the industry in a short story on the closure.

“For a time, small newspapers like ours were protected from the decline because of how specialized our content is. But in recent years, those losses have also increased. Even with making cost cutting measures, it just has not been enough to offset lost revenue,” owner and Publisher Betty Abendroth said in a short story on the closure.

The Statesman was launched in 1976, led by Roger Perry, the paper said. In 2005, Bluebonnet Publishing bought the paper. In 2015, Faith 3 Media bought the paper.

“I want to thank those local businesses that have been regular advertisers with us. We also thank the newspaper’s subscribers and express our appreciation for their support. It saddens me that this decision has had to be made,” Abendroth said.”


Source: News and Tech, 2o19

Report: Kodakit closing

Kodak is closing Kodakit, Petapixel reports.

The service linked photographers with businesses that need them and was meant to be an “Uber of photography.”

On Dec. 12, Kodak sent out an announcement on the closure to photographers and businesses, according to Petapixel.

“We regret to inform you that we have made the decision to discontinue Kodakit operations,” the announcement said. “We expect the business to wind down by the end of January 2020.” Payments due will be made, the note said.

The service was launched in Singapore in 2016.

The service got some bad reactions to its terms and conditions, which called for photographers to sign over the entire copyright of the photos taken for customers,  Petapixel points out.”

Source: News and Tech, 2019 

Trib Total Media turns to TSC

“Trib Total Media, a family of community daily and weekly papers, a weekly shopper, commercial printing, promotional products, direct mail and digital services, chose The Siebold Company (TSC) for the removal and scrapping of TTM’s Goss Universal 70 press and Goss Newsliner Press.

Also included in the removal were all the reels.

TTM moved all its printing from its shuttered Newsworks facility in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, to its single-width production facility in Tarentum, Pennsylvania, where TSC is replacing all TTM’s press drives with new TSC Press Drive Controls.

“TSC is also heavily invested in the press parts business, so we find value in the used parts we can salvage from the presses we remove for our customers. That translates into our ability to offer our equipment removal customers a better value for this service,” said TSC’s Vice President of Corporate Development Christopher Miles.”