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Quipp Packman

Ball Switch Removal From Strapper

Goss Colorliner CPS

Goss Colorliner CPS PDF

Dock Receiving Report

Here is what we use to get the amount per skid, only enter information in yellow cells. If you need any help with this let me know.

Phillip Banks
The Birmingham News
Insert Facility Manager

LaCrosse Tribune Daily Production Report

John Erickson- Here is a copy of the report that we use. We have an excel spreadsheet that we use on a monthly basis. The only thing we don't have is a circulation section but I am sure that it could be modified to accomodate that. We also have a summary page at the end so we can have easy access to all of the information. I hope this helps.

LaCrosse Tribune
LaCrosse, WI

Machine Operating Shift Log

We have developed a form that is basic buts helps our operators keep track of maintenance tasks on our 1372. It lists daily, weekly, and monthly tasks on each sheet, is meant to be used daily, and it also includes comments sections for stacker issues, strapper issues, and other mailroom equipment. It is certainly not advanced by any stretch, but it does require the operators to fill it out every shift and gets them thinking of maintenance and is a good communication tool between them and our maintenance department staff.
It is important to get everyone to buy in to filling it out religiously and making sure the maintenance staff checks it first thing every day to find any problems. It works here only because everyone does use it.

Randy Ware
Central Maine Newspapers
Augusta, ME. 04330

Skid Tag Template

We wrote a program in Excel that makes the skid tags for us. Here is a copy of it that you can test out. Let me know if you need any help with it.
Phillip Banks - The Birmingham News

York Newspaper Daily Production Report

Nick Ferro- Here is a sample of our daily report. The dock information is produced on a separate report. We place the report on a shared drive for production departments to access. Each department fills in their information. Mailroom is last to fill it in so we then e-mail the finished product to the necessary people.

Mailroom Manager
York Newspaper Co.
York, PA 17408

Gravure 2004 – Prepress Packaging

Nice printing job!Too bad the preprints died in transit.
by Kevin Copeland, Perfect Pallets, Inc.
Sloppy shipping practices flout industry packaging standard
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