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What is FeedReader?

FeedReader is a small program that will reside on your desktop, and will notify you of new posts to the Perfect Pallets Post Press (4PUG) forum.

How does it do that?

The program works by having a direct link with the forum and once a new post is made it pulls that information to your desktop and alerts you of the new post/message/comment.

How do I get FeedReader to work on my computer?

Below are the steps involved in getting FeedReader up and running on your computer.

1) First, click here to download a New version Feedreader or visit
a. Click “Run” when the File Download dialog box appears
b. Install FeedReader by executing the Install Set-up steps

2) Once installed, on the menu bar click on “File”.

3) Click on “New” and then click on “Feed”

4) Copy and paste one of the following links in the feed location input box and press ENTER/RETURN key or click “OK”

  • News Updates –
  • Forum Posts –
  • New Members –;sa=members;limit=10

5) Click on Perfect Pallets Post Press in the upper-left-hand pane to display available content

6) You will now receive notification of new posts in your Feedreader whenever there is an update. You can reply to any message if you double click on the message. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact or call our toll free number at 1-888-270-0790

Can I use a different RSS reader?

There are a number of options for RSS readers available. If you use a different program, simply use the URLs listed above in the program of your choice.


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